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Bolt Thrower

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BoltThrower_KoS_V2 copy.jpg

I was commissioned to make this by a friend of mine, Keri, as a birthday present for a friend of hers. I'd never heard of Bolt Thrower, discovering that they were a Death Metal band from Coventry with a 'bit' of a following. I researched band members past and present, as well as their more entire catalogue, tours and festival appearances in order to make it with as much love as I possibly could.


Once delivered, Keri was really pleased with it, and I had the go ahead to share it on social media once the birthday boy received it. I posted images of it on our Facebook page, tagging the band's name.....and within two days, over 58,000 people had seen it!!! It had exploded, as hundreds of Bolt Thrower and Death Metal fans commented on it, shared it, liked it....some of the nice comments were from former members of the band, happy to see they were on it (even if the property price for them was a little low!), and Metal magazines & podcasts were sharing the hell out of it!

In all the years I've been making boardgames, no other board has got that much attention!

"Brave are the deeds of fallen victorious"

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