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Director, Writer & Podcaster Kevin Smith unboxes one of our boardgames!
Wake & Bake: Episode 131

I've been lucky enough to meet Kevin Smith a couple of times when he's been in the UK. Once at London Film & Comic Con in 2017, where he signed my Kevin Smith boardgame, and again in 2019, backstage at the Prince Charles Cinema in London at a screening / Q&A of 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot', where he signed my board and was impressed I'd managed to design a game based on a film I hadn't seen until that evening, using only the trailer and some Instagram posts for research. Once I'd seen the film, I could write all the gamecards and work out the pieces etc.

Thanks to the help of his PA, Clare, I arranged to get a finished set sent out to Kevin in L.A in December 2020. It wasn't until May 2021 that I became aware of this video from his daily 'Wake & Bake' show that he records as part of his numerous content for the That Kevin Smith Club (which you should totally go join for as little as $5 a month - there's loads of content to enjoy!).

Kevin pretty much made one episode an unboxing video of the game and also read out the accompanying letter I'd sent with it - and Silent Bob was very silent about it, because I had no idea until recently (the downside of no commuting during lockdown is I'm waaaaay behind on podcasts and content). He's also very kindly permitted me access to the full video, which I have edited down to feature just the game, and allowed me to share it here. And while this is in no way an endorsement, it is a very nice famous man whose work I love, saying some very nice things about my work - which is always appreciated.

End music: 'Up My Skirt' - Bi-Product. Video used with kind permission of the That Kevin Smith Club, and with thanks to Kevin, Clare and Josh.

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