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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

After meeting Kevin Smith at London Film and Comic Con in 2017, I got a chance to meet him again at the Prince Charles Cinema in London, where he was screening his latest movie,
Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, followed by a Q&A.

As luck would have it, I had invited a friend along who knew Kevin's PA, Clare, whilst he was in the UK. Clare told me that Kevin had seen the design I'd posted on Twitter and had liked it - especially as I hadn't seen the film at the time of designing it, working only from a trailer for the film and Kevin's many social media posts. He wasn't supposed to be doing
a signing that night, as there were three screenings and Q&As to fit in, but Clare very kindly managed to get me backstage - Kevin remembered me from LFCC, signed the
board and posed for a photo... Since then,
I've been asked by Clare to make one for her...and Kevin himself!

"No offense to 'How High', but this is now the greatest movie ever made.."

Meeting Kevin Smith Pt 2
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