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A lot of my work is based on commissions - if you can't see anything in our galleries that 'floats your boat', it's because nobody has asked me to do your fandom yet! I never make two identical boardgames - even if I've done a theme before, I'll tweak the design - either as a major re-do, or a small adjustment here and there in colour and images to ensure that each game is unique and bespoke to its owner. If you'd like to commission a game, please email me at   *Please note: We recommend 6-8 weeks for your game to be ready, from discussing your initial requirements, design and approval of the game board, game cards and accompanying parts, printing, finishing and delivery.

Stock boards

We occasionally have what we call 'stock' boardgames available at a reduced price. These are non-personalised boardgames that we have made for showcasing our ideas at events like London Film & Comic Con or Birmingham Collectormania. These are available at a reduced rate to our bespoke, personalised, commissioned games but are of no lesser quality and come complete with everything you need to play. Any that we have available will be below, and we'll only have one of each, so once it's gone, it's gone! Please email me at for availability.


Have you got somebody really hard to buy for?

– That difficult person who likes a bit of everything; or

– Buys something they want the minute they see it?


Want to get them something unique that you know they won't have already? Or something that you know nobody else has bought them?

If you can't decide on a theme for them, or want them to treat themselves to something they would never have thought possible, why not buy one of our giftcards?

How it works

  1. The recipient chooses their theme, or if they’re lacking inspiration, visit to see just what we can do

  2. Once they've decided on their theme, they can email

  3. Enter their unique giftcard code as the subject heading

  4. Send us details of their theme, including any personalisation or requests

  5. We will offer ideas to make their theme work as a fully-playable game

  6. A board plan and gamecard list can be emailed to them to help plan their very own property
    trading game

  7. They can email photos, anecdotes or anything else they’d like to be featured on the board or
    on cards and pieces

  8. We'll send proofs of the board design and game cards for approval. Once the recipient is
    100% happy with our work, the game will be made and sent to them

  9. You can sit back and take all the credit for buying a great gift!
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