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Fonseca Port Family

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Fonseca Port Family board

It was while working on another personalised board (This Is Our circus & These Are Our Monkeys), that my customer in the US mentioned that her husband's auntie had enquired about getting one for her family in Portugal, and then put us in touch.

Little did I know that her 'auntie-in-law' was a a lovely lady who happened to be the matriarch of the  Guimaraens family, owners of the Fonseca Port sherry vineyard estate in the Duoro Valley region of Portugal.

I worked via email to put family photos, locations and facilities into order and create a game that the family would love. Initially, the board was for her eldest son, but as we worked together, she realised that she wanted one each for all three of her adult children!

Now working on a three-board order, I tweaked elements of each one to make sure they had subtle differences - most notably on the game counters, which were sourced to represent the likes and interests of each sibling.

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