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The Divine Comedy

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dcboard_alt copy.jpg

I initially made a set of this for one of our friends, Janey - she's a big Divine Comedy fan, like my wife and I (in fact, we have quite a few friends we met through the old Divine Comedy website forum, which led to many a pub meet-up before gigs).

However, through my day job, I had reason to contact Natalie at the Divine Comedy's own record label, DCR. Whilst conversing on email, I mentioned the game I had made for our friend, and sent her a pic of it. Natalie asked if she could forward it to Neil Hannon of the band (well, Neil is The Divine Comedy for the most part), and then came back and asked if he could have a set himself! My first 'celebrity' owner, I gladly obliged, and presented it to him after a gig at The Oval cricket ground.

"Take the National Express when your life''s in a mess..."

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