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Wall-E     (2011)

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I received an email from a US soldier stationed in Germany, asking if I could produce a board based on his girlfriend's favourite movie, Disney Pixar's Wall-E. At first, I wasn't sure if there was enough source material to fill the board - thankfully, the customer had quite a few ideas of his own for it, and there were also quite a few websites listing the names and functions of a lot of the character robots that feature in the movie.


After numerous email discussions about how to approach the pieces, I managed to find a mini-set of characters from the film to act as the counters. The next step was to work out the best way to make the properties – wanting puzzle cubes and trash-cubes as featured in the film, they really didn't suit the usual 'tiled' pieces that cow with my boards. After looking into various ways of making something more square-shaped, I sourced 10mm x 10mm wooden cubes, and hand-painted each side to resemble a finished puzzle cube. For the trash-cubes, I found some lava beads, which were square but with a rough, pitted texture, that lent itself to be sprayed a mixture of copper and silver to give a rust-effect. These were then sealed with spray-sealant to ensure longevity.


Photos of the hand-painted puzzle cubes, the accompanying pieces laid-out ready and the finished packed board can be seen below.


"This is called farming! You kids are gonna grow all kinds of plants! Vegetable plants, pizza plants."


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