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Custom themed

Looking for a personalised gift? How about

a custom-themed property board game!

Choose a favourite TV show/film/band/team or even your family and friends as a professionally designed & finished fully-playable boardgame.

Made to order

Personalise game cards with photos, dedicate the rulebook or add a special date such as a birthday or anniversary to your board

Bespoke to you

We never make two boards exactly the same.
Even if we've worked on a theme before, the design will be altered so that no two boards are identical – each board is unique to its recipient.

Each set comes boxed, and includes:

  • a full-size, fully playable mounted themed board

  • themed counters

  • themed 'properties'

  • themed tiled 'property upgrades'

  • themed 'reward/forfeit' cards

  • themed banknotes

  • property cards

  • rulebook

Because we make-to-order, each board can be personalised with its own commemorative number, such as a birth-date or anniversary, Christmas etc

'Uncle' Frank Benbini and Brian 'Fast' Leiser of band the Fun Lovin' Criminals ordered their own FLC boardgames after seeing the one I made for lead singer Huey Morgan.

Please note that these boards are not offered as official merchandise, or advertised as such. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. I'm not out to offend or upset any companies. I'm a fan of a lot of films, bands, tv shows, etc., and having seen some of the "official" merchandise out there (or, indeed, the lack of), I felt that it's only fair that fans of the more 'cult' or obscure things in life might want to be recognised. They might also appreciate some TLC and personalised touches for their fandom.


All of the boards I make are one-offs or limited runs. I'm not planning to retire from my full-time job any time soon, nor am I planning to mass-produce any of my work. This all started out as a 'thankyou' gift for a friend that gathered momentum, and then garnered enough praise for it to take up all of my spare-time. All charges cover my printing costs, and any research/development of accompanying pieces involved. Courier services can be quoted in advance, and local (to me) based requests can be delivered within an acceptable range, free of charge. All individual commission enquiries are welcome, and few subjects are refused. Please check out the Things To Consider page before emailing, as this will help you decide the right subject for your board.

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