Airplane!     (2014)

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Classic 1980 comedy. Counters include a cigarette (because you picked the wrong week to give up smoking), a beer can (because you picked the wrong week to give up drinking), glue (because you picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue) and a pill - because you picked the wrong week...well, you get the idea.


We asked Airplane's very own Ted Striker, Robert Hays himself to sign the board at a ComicCon appearance in 2014, and he loved it!

Me: "How's your first ComicCon?"

Robert: "Good, thanks."
(admiring the boardgame) "This is amazing!"

Me: (leading into Airplane! quotes) "Nervous?"

Robert: "Ha! First time? No, I've been nervous lots of times!" (gesturing to other sign-ees next to him) "Hey! How's your photos? I got a boardgame to sign. Nobody made you a boardgame, huh? I got one."

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