An American Werewolf In London     (2018)

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When I heard that one of my all-time favourite directors, John Landis was coming to Edinburgh's famous International Horror Film Festival, Dead By Dawn (see blog here), I knew that after years of doing boards based on his other movies such as National Lampoon's Animal, House, The Blues Brothers and Trading Places, the time had come for me to pull my finger out and start work on that American Werewolf boardgame. I managed to work the board design in record time, and managed to give it a test-drive when actor John Woodvine did a signing at a small Film Fair event in London - he signed the board, was very impressed with it, and wished me luck in getting John Landis to sign it.

Come Dead By Dawn, Mr Landis gave up one morning dedicated to signing items. He signed my boardgame, looked at all the gamecards and elements of it...and gave me his card, asking me to get in touch so he could have one for himself!! Unfortunately, as the festival organisers warned me, he's notoriously busy and hard to get hold of until he has a spare 5 minutes - so we're still waiting for a reply!

After John's Landis and Woodvine signed it, I added Linzi Drew, Michael Carter and David Naughton's autographs to the board.


"I didn't mean to call you a meatloaf, Jack!"


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