Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

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The classic 1980s British TV show about brickies abroad that took us to Dusseldorf and Newcastle in the first series, and then Wolverhampton, Nottinghamshire and Marbella in series 2.....and then, when the show was revived for two more series and a two-part special, it took us to Middlesbrough, Arizona, Cuba and Thailand.

I'm a massive fan of the show, as are some of my customers. The first set I designed (top) is based on the classic Series' One and Two. After that, a returning customer asked for two more games - one based solely on series two and the other solely on series three - series three holding a soft spot as he was born in Newcastle, grew up in Middlesbrough, worked abroad...and now lives in Arizona!


"Dearest Brenda, we are now at sea. I stood on deck and watched the coast of England disappear into the distant mist. Who knows what lies ahead? A better future for us, that is my fervent hope. Well, there's no more room for anything else, except to say I love you and miss you;
Your Neville."


Series One and Two

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Series Two
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Series Three

Series Two

Series Three

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