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Dario Argento     (2012)

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Dario Argento

The films of Italian horror maestro, Dario Argento. This board was created especially as a 'thankyou' gift for Adele Hartley, organiser of the Dead By Dawn horror film festival in Edinburgh.


Adele works tirelessly at organising the annual event, and always manages to find time to make sure everybody is having a good time.


An Argento triple-bill of his 'Three Mothers' trilogy at my first year of attendance inspired me to create this board, using eight of his finest films for the board, and saving the others for the penalty/reward cards. The counters are taken from the many animals that feature in his movies - a black cat, a Crystal Plumaged lamp, the Mother Of Tears howler monkey, four flies (on grey velvet), a crow and Profondo Rosso's infamous 'pinned lizard'. Properties are black gloves and knives.


This led to our being asked to create boardgames to celebrate Dead By Dawn's 20th Anniversary the following year,

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