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Emily & Simon's 1st Wedding Anniversary

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Emily & Simon's 1st Wedding Anniversary

Bit of a special one this - one of my oldest friends now lives in Los Angeles. He and his brother and I all grew up together, along with our friend Martyn - and 40+ years later, we're all still best mates, despite distance and life getting in the way.

When Simon and Emily announced their engagement, it was an absolute honour to be invited out to L.A. to act as one of his Groomsmen, along with Martyn and his brother Steve acting as Best Man. It was also a good excuse to see our friend Merrin, as she was flying in from her new life in Australia.

Martyn and I flew out on the Monday, with the wedding being held on the Friday, before we had to fly back on the Saturday. The wedding itself was held on the Queen Mary, currently moored in Long Beach, and the week flew by with lots of preparation, friends old and new and some great times. The big day came, and it was a fantastic day, with the glorious L.A. sunshine beaming down on all.

A year later, Simon and Emily flew to the UK to have a smaller affair for those family and friends that couldn't get out to the USA.


With that in mind, I colluded with Martyn, Merrin and Steve, as well as new US friend Dawn Marie to gather photos from the wedding and other parts of Simon & Emily's relationship.


I then set about designing a board to celebrate their first year of marriage, using the start of their relationship, the places where they both grew up (Simon in Dorset, Emily in Arcadia), their work, their vacation places, their childhood photos and their dog, Alan...and most of all, the wedding itself, utilising their engagement shoot, colour scheme and decorations throughout.

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