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Life of Brian     (2011)

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Life of Brian

This outrageous and controversial film was commissioned for somebody's Dad living in Australia.


Apparently, the gentleman in question brought his two daughters up on the quotable classic, and they thought it would be the ideal present for him.


The board itself was fairly straightforward, once the bare-bones of it fell into place. The cards themselves were a doodle, but what for the pieces? Crucifixes seemed to be the obvious 'property upgrade' piece, but for the initial properties, it could only be one thing – false beards ("Beard, Madam?").


I sculpted 40 of these little ginger wonders out of Fimo, with quite a degree of success. For the counters, I sourced a Roman Helmet ("Stop that!"), a Gourd ("How much do you want for that gourd?"), Brian's paintbrush ("Romans they go the house?!"), a Stone ("Well, you did say Jehovah") and a sandal ("The shoe is the sign. Let us follow His example!").


Not the Messiah, just a very naughty boardgame.


"Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life"


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