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Night of the Creeps

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Night of the Creeps

The Monster Squad's Fred Dekker also directed this 1986 cult horror comedy, about Alien brain parasites that turn their host into a killing zombie. This film stars the legendary Tom Atkins as the grizzled Detective Ray Cameron.

I was lucky enough to meet Tom whilst I was exhibiting at London Film and Comic Con in 2018, where he was so impressed by the game that he broke his own 'No posed photos' rule to get me behind his desk and take a pic... the next day, one of the show organisers recognised me, and asked if I still had the game with me - apparently, Tom was so excited by it, he forgot to take a photo of it for himself! I'd taken the board home after he'd signed it, but a quick phone call, and my wife kindly brought it in for me so Tom could get his pic.


"Thrill me."

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